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candies with jelly and sugar. colorful array of different childs sweets and treats on pink


Welcome to Snack Attack Candy and Treat Shop!

At Snack Attack we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy the sweet things in life. 

In addition to regular treats and sweets, we also offer a  curated selection of gluten-free and allergen-friendly candies and snacks that everyone in the family can enjoy.   


Check out our store today to satisfy your sweet tooth!





 Fun and Easy Shopping!


If sugary goodness is what you crave, you've come to right place.  Check out our selection of gummy candies, chocolates and more. 


For those times you crave something salty and crunchy or a tasty drink to quench your thirst, we've got you covered.  Check out these drinks satisfying savory snacks.   


Check out our novelty item category to find fun things to add to your gift baskets like key chains, mugs, pop-its, pens and notebooks.

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